Current Members

Thank you to everyone that paid their membership dues for the 2020-2021 year! 

We are proud to be an alumnae group staying active during the current conditions and your support means a lot. Many thanks to the 113 sisters that paid dues last year. We appreciate your support in making Mu Mu the LARGEST Alpha Chi Omega alumnae chapter in the country.

2020-2021 Dues-Paying Members

Stacey Abernethy
Cynthia Adcock*
Charlotte Adelsperger
Marilyn Anderson*
Kyle Ashton
Traci Atzenweiler***
Katie Aubrey
Sheri Baldwin***
Amy Bartak
Kimberly Bartak
Abigail Becker
Diane Blackwelder
Karen Blanks
Marcia Bowerman
Lisa Brackett
Janice Brake
Kelsey Brandes
Ruth Britton
Carol Burrows
Sharon Caffrey
Cynthia Clifton***
Beth Coffelt
Maryann Coffman
Kristin Comunale
Denise Cook*
Nancy Delgado
Fran Denton***
Tara Depaepe
Allison Dorr
Jennifer Duld
Ann Dyniewicz
Jamie Eaton
Jordyn Eskijian
Sherry Forsee***
Carol Frank
Marilyn Gairns
Toni Gelpi***
Julia Gentry

Anne Gerhart***
Mary Gentry
Jennifer Gunter *
Cindy Hall*
Alice Hawk***
Tammy Hawks***
Cathy Hedlund*
Blythe Heits
Patricia Herrin
Ann Hochscheid*
Martha Hoffman
Nancy Hoffman
Clarise Hovis
Teryl Hughes
Laurel Jackson
Marla Jarr*
Michelle Jarvis
Karen Johnson-Phillips***
Laura Kaiser*
Bonnie Kay
Sarah Keyser
Beth Koch
Una Langer
Susan LeClaire
Diane Lee**
Lisa Littrell***
Stephanie Lower
Marilyn Lucas
Victoria Lynch
Susan Lytton
Marianne Maccurdy
Ashley Malone
Carla Mattson***
Edie McEachen
Tina McGuire
Julianne McReynolds
Connie Mendolia*
Nancy Moffitt

Nancy Neal**
Rebecca Nedrow
Bev Nichols***
Judy Nickum
Wilmagene Noonan
Darcey O’Bryhim
Carolyn O’Malley
Meredith Paranjothi
Rita Pavicic*
Kathryn Revelle
Rebecca Reynolds***
Jean Rose*
Beth Rosenwald*
Janice Saling
Whitney Schmale
Patricia Seager
Cynthia Sellers
Rachel Shuck
Janice Simpson
Betty Slusher*
Sarah Snider
Kara Speciale**
Dianne Strunk**
Deb Taylor*
Kathy Terrill***
Leigh Anne Thomas
Kaye Thompson
Lindsay Vise
Brisa Waechter*
Patricia Weakley
Kaylee Wicke
Marie Wicke
Ann Wilkerson
Sasha Williams
Mary Alice Williams
Paula Yehle
Carolyn Young*

***Hera Members ($100+)
**Lyre Members ($75-$99)
*Carnation Members ($50-$75)

Collegiate Chapters Represented

Alpha Nu (University of Missouri)
Alpha Delta (University of Cincinnati)
Alpha Phi (University of Texas at Austin)
Alpha Zeta (Washington University)
Beta Gamma (Louisiana State University)
Gamma Epsilon (Oklahoma State University)
Gamma Zeta (Kansas State University)
Gamma Psi (Wichita State University)
Delta Epsilon (Southeast Missouri State University)
Delta Nu (Iowa State University)
Delta Rho (University of Arkansas)
Delta Chi (William Woods University)
Epsilon (University of Southern California)
Epsilon Iota (Northern Iowa University)
Zeta Eta (Bradley University)
Zeta Sigma (Missouri State University)
Mu (Simpson College)
Xi (University of Nebraska)
Omicron (Baker University)
Sigma (University of Iowa)
Phi (University of Kansas)

Because we like a little friendly competition, we’ve counted up the numbers…and congratulations are in order for our Omicron women! You have 2020-2021 bragging rights for most dues-paying members in Mu Mu. The next few on the list below were ever so close.

  1. Omicron (Baker University)
  2. Phi (University of Kansas)
  3. Gamma Zeta (Kansas State University)
  4. Alpha Nu (University of Missouri)
  5. Delta Chi (William Woods University) and Zeta Sigma (Missouri State University) – It’s a tie!
  6. Delta Epsilon (Southeast Missouri State University)